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  • Use as a Binocular or Monocular Goggle
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Dual Gen 2+ Intensifier Tubes
  • Tube Might Have Minor Peripheral Spots

Compact, lightweight, and highly versatile, the AGM NVG-40 NL2 1x27mm f/1.3 Gen 2+ Level 2 Night Vision Binocular/Goggle allows you to maneuver and navigate in almost complete darkness with true stereoscopic vision that provides important depth perception. If you are operating in variable light conditions, you can opt to have one optical tube flipped out of the way to use the NVG-40 as a monocular and keep the unused tube as a redundant system in case of a failure.

The NVG-40 is outfitted with a 2nd generation image intensifier tube. A huge advancement from Gen 1, Gen 2 tubes offer longer useful ranges than earlier tubes, with better resolution, cleaner and brighter images, and lower susceptibility to blooming and distortion. The tube condition is designated Level 2: The user may see some spots on the peripheral of the view, but the center will be clear. It is equipped with manual gain control, so you can precisely control the brightness of the image tube to match your preference and as light conditions change. This helps reduce or eliminate night blindness caused by brightness differences perceived between your naked eye and one looking through a night vision monocular on your head or helmet. A sensor detects when the optic is flipped up and out of your line of sight and deactivates both the intensifier tube and IR illuminator (if it is activated).

Measuring just 4.5″ long and weighing under 23 ounces, this device is lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to pack & carry and won’t cause fatigue or neck strain when worn on your helmet. An exceptionally long 25mm eye relief allows you to install it on a variety of helmet styles and still enjoy the full 40° field of view without eye strain. Its aluminum housing is treated with a scratch-resistant and non-reflective anodized finish. Included accessories include a demist shield to prevent fogging and a protective sacrificial window. Adding even more versatility to its design, you can use the included CR123A lithium battery or an easy-to-find AA battery—a two-sided adapter is built into the battery holder that allows you to quickly and easily change between battery sizes in the field.


  • Versatile night vision device that can be used as a handheld binocular, a helmet or head-mounted binocular, or a monocular goggle
  • Intensifier tubes amplify ambient light to allow a user to see in extremely low light and require moonlight or bright starlight to function properly
  • Unmagnified 1x power ensures a comfortable 40° field of view to maintain situational awareness and scan terrain for targets
  • 27mm f/1.3 lens system ensures a compact and lightweight form factor for maneuverability over rough terrain or in close quarters
  • Gen 2+ intensifier tube offers longer useful ranges than Gen 1, with better resolution, cleaner and brighter images, and lower susceptibility to blooming and distortion
  • “Level 2” tube condition indicates that the user may see some spots on the peripheral of the view, but the center will be clear
  • 51-64 lp/mm resolution
  • Multi-coated optics enable maximum IR transmission so as much light gets to the intensifier tube as possible
  • Built-in infrared (IR) illuminator provides additional light with a range of up to 10′ (3m) for better visibility at close range without giving its user’s position away, with two selectable intensity levels
  • 10″ minimum focus distance allows user to perform tasks like gear checks and packing/unpacking without giving away their position

Use & Handling

  • Versatile design allows use as a binocular for true stereoscopic sight with critical depth perception in low-light conditions, or with one optical tube moved up and out of the way for use as a monocular goggle—ideal for fluid situations where binocular NVDs restrict quick reactions
  • Tubes and illuminator will turn off when flipped up and away from the user’s face and turn on when brought back down
  • Pull-turn power switch guards against accidental activation with positive positions for selecting mode
  • Objective lens and eyepiece focusers ensure crisp and sharp views
  • In-view LED indicators for low battery, IR illuminator on, bright light conditions
  • -6 to +2 dioptric correction allows easy use for those who require corrective eyewear
  • Exceptional long 25mm eye relief ensures proper placement when worn on a variety of helmet styles
  • Manual gain control allows the user to adjust image brightness and adapt it to current ambient light conditions while reducing or eliminating night blindness
  • Automatic bright light shut-off prevents damage to the photocathode tube, can be disabled if operations require use in changing light conditions
  • Automatic power off function turns off system if the controls are not touched for 60 minutes

Included Items

  • Winged eyecups conform to the contours of the user’s face to prevent outside light (like from streetlamps or flashlights) from interfering with the user’s ability to see, and prevents light from the display from leaking out and giving away the user’s position
  • Demist shields: Used to prevent the eyepiece lenses from becoming fogged
  • Sacrificial windows: Replaceable windows used to protect the objective lenses during operation in adverse conditions, such as wind-blown sand that can scratch/etch glass and affect clear views
  • Helmet mount adapter: Pre-installed shoe that allows fast mounting onto standard helmet google mounts
  • Soft carrying case: Holds the monocular, battery, and accessories

Construction Details

  • Compact 4.6″ length is easy to pack, carry, and use handheld
  • 23-ounce weight allows it to be worn a helmet without causing excessive neck strain or fatigue
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Tethered objective lens caps can be quickly moved out of place for fast deployment of NVG without the fear of losing them
  • Scratch-resistant and reflection-limiting matte black finish
  • Broad -40 to 122°F operating temperature range
  • Runs on one included AA alkaline battery