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  • Gen 2+ Intensifier Tube
  • Clean Level 1 Tube for Clear Views
  • 5.6x145mm f/1.8 Lens System
  • Sioux850 Long Range IR Illuminator

Designed and engineered to meet the unique needs of tactical and law enforcement professionals, the AGM FoxBat-LE7 NL1 7.4x192mm f/2.1 Gen 2+ Level 1 Night Vision Bi-Ocular is outfitted with a moderate magnification and objective lens to provide a balance between power and portability. Representing the midsize model in the FoxBat family, it is a durable, weatherproof, and highly manageable night vision imaging device that can be easily carried into the field for mid- to long-range observation, surveillance, and security applications. Utilizing a bi-ocular design enables you to use the FoxBat with both eyes open, greatly improving comfort and eliminating fatigue associated with holding one eye closed for long periods of time. For long observation sessions the FoxBat can be mounted on a tripod using the integrated 1/4″-20 mount to eliminate arm fatigue and vibrations.

At the core of the FoxBat is a 2nd generation image intensifier tube. A huge advancement from the Gen 1, Gen 2 tubes offer longer useful ranges from the earlier tubes with better resolution, cleaner and brighter images, and lower susceptibility to blooming and distortion. The tube condition is designated as Level 1: Representing the cleanest tube without spots for the clearest views. Equipped with automatic brightness control, the FoxBat’s circuitry automatically adjusts the brightness level of the image tube in varying light conditions. Built to withstand the rigors of use in less than ideal conditions the rugged housing is sealed to be waterproof so it can hold up against driving rain and snow, with a wide operating temperature rant that allows it to operate in weather as cold as -58°F to as hot as 158°F. With the middle-of-the-road magnification and objective lens size in the LE family of the FoxBat, it weighs under 3 pounds making it more powerful than the 5.6x LE6 and over a pound lighter than the 9.6x LE10—walking the fine line between power and portability.

To ensure clear and bright views at long distances, AGM includes their Sioux850 long-range IR illuminator that can be held like a conventional hand-held flashlight or mounted on the FoxBat’s accessory rail. Utilizing a powerful IR LED that outputs 1000mW at 850nm peak wavelength you have the option of adjusting the beam angle between a tight 4° spotlight to maximize its throw and a wide 35° flood light for performing tasks like illuminating LZs and staging areas. A simple rotary tailcap switch enables you to toggle between power output intensities and ensures easy operation with a reduced risk of accidentally turning the light on—as can happen with many push-button switches. The light is powered by an included 18650 rechargeable battery with a battery cradle charger.


  • Bi-ocular design enables both-eyes-open use making it comfortable for long duration observations
  • Single Gen 2+ intensifier tube
  • Gen 2 tubes offer longer useful ranges than Gen 1 with better resolution, cleaner and brighter images, and lower susceptibility to blooming and distortion
  • “Level 1” tube condition has no spots and indicates a very clean tube for the clearest views
  • Midsize 192mm f/2.13 lens system enables long-range use without excessive bulk
  • Moderate 7.4x magnification for mid- to long-range applications with a comfortable field of view
  • Individually focusing eyepieces to keep views sharp and clear, even when the user’s vision isn’t perfect

Use and Construction

  • Rugged design can withstand harsh environments and intense use
  • Standard 1/4″-20 tripod mount for hands free use
  • Waterproof for use in extreme conditions such as driving rain and snow
  • Bright light cut-off prevents damage to intensifier tube and user’s eye
  • Automatic brightness control adjusts display brightness to ensure clear views without over saturation or giving away the user’s position
  • In-view LED indicators for low battery and excessive light
  • Runs on two (included) AA batteries, or one BA-5567/U lithium battery
  • Broad -40 to 122°F operating temperature range
  • 2.95-pound weight enables it to be carried into the field and hand-held if required

Sioux850 Long Range IR Illuminator

  • Illuminate subjects in complete darkness, allowing night vision optics to produce a better image
  • Use handheld or mounted on FoxBat
  • Invisible 850nm infrared (IR) LED with a peak output of 1000mW
  • Adjustable beam angle from a tight 4° spotlight to maximize its throw to a wide 35° flood light for performing tasks
  • Adjustable power output for precise control of output and battery life
  • Simple rotary tailcap switch to toggle between power output intensities with a reduced risk of accidentally being turned on
  • Picatinny/Weaver mount included for mounting on the FoxBat’s accessory rail
  • Riser set allows the illuminator to clear the large objective
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Runs on one included 18650 rechargeable battery