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PL2 release mechanism is capable of carrying long fishing lines and casting baits to any target location, in the surf or in unreachable waters. (The max flight range of Splash Drone 3 is up to 1.3km.)


PL2 is manufactured from high precision CNC aluminium and stainless steel. The max payload capacity is 1kg. It is capable of carrying more than 10 hooks and baits in one delivery. It can also be used to carry a life preserver or life jacket for surf rescue.


Instead of releasing baits unintentionally like the third-party-made bait dropper, PL2 enables precise surfcasting with a switch on the remote controller of Splash Drone over a long range.


The payload release is integrated with a waterproof HD camera, thereby eliminating the requirement of a second camera. The camera can be tilted within a 90° range. Real time video from the camera can be viewed using an FPV monitor up to distances in excess of one kilometre. The camera is also able to capture a clear view below the water surface, thereby helping you to easily find the optimum fishing spot.


The whole mechanism is as waterproof and salt water resistant as the Splash drone 3. The quick attach design allows it to be mounted onto the drone in a few seconds.


1. Payload Capacity: 1KG 

2. Size: 120X70X38mm

3. Weight: 134g

4. Sensor: PC7070 NTSC/PAL

5. Pixels: 656x492pixels(NTSC)

6. Resolution: 800TVL (720P)

7. FOV: 110°NTSC8. DC IN: 12V(+/-10%)