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DronePower 45K is the largest power bank that is specially designed to charge drone batteries on the move

1.By far the smallest and most lightweight power station for its huge 45000mAh capacity.

2.Able to charge 2S/3S/4S lithium drone battery , DJI Series smart batteries and USB devices.

3.Come with dedicated charging cable for DJI drones , which can be purchased it separately .

4.Also with outlets for other model aircrafts and racing drones .

5.Charge Lipo battery 50% faster than a standard mains charger.

6.LCD display screen indicates the real-time status of power station and the battery being charged .

7.Protect batteries and DronePower from overcharging and over temperature .

Capacitive : 45000mAh 14.8V

Energy : 666Wh

Rated Input : 18V 5A

Rated output for lithium batteries ( 2S/3S/4S ) : 3-8A

Rated output for DJI batteries : 3.3A

Rated output for USB devices : 3A

Display : Intelligent LCD digital control screen

Dismensions : 228 x 160 x 103mm

Weight : 3610g

Support equipment : Hobby 2S/3S/4S Lithium batteries , DJI PHANTOM 3/4 series , Mavic series , Spark series lithium battery , mobile equipment Lithium battery etc .

Operation Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

DronePower Recharge Time: Approx. 6 hours