Sharkan M4 Plus Fishing Drone (DEMO UNIT)

R 13,600 R 12,500


(Drone/Quick Release, Carbon Propellers/Transmitter/Battery Reader/Smart Charger /Bait Release, 1 x 4S 5000mAh Battery  and Carry Bag)

High Torque Motors,

Full water proofing of Electronics and internal floatation included

M4 = 1.2kg Payload (max lift of 2kg standard drone)

M4 Plus = 1.8kg Payload (max lift of 2.5kg standard drone)

  1.   Auto Return and Auto Land function
  2.  Manual Bait release
  3.   30m Altitude limit with 500m Geofence preset
  4.   Low Battery Failsafe
  5.  On loss of signal will drop payload and return to Autoland at registered home position.
  6.   10-18min flight time, no load at sea level