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LF malibus are designed to give you the speed, balance, wave response and strength that you need to fly through the surf when it really matters, and they are approved and used by Lifesaving South Africa.

These boards take a beating in the lifesaving environment on a daily basis, and are designed to withstand the toughest of challenges thrown their way. For competitive use, we have carbon wrapped each board to withstand all the abuse that your competitors will give it as you smoke them to the line!

Customize your design, delivery time 20-30 working days.

Both Nipper and Senior boards are available.


New Project-428
New Project-426

Rescue kneeboards are all about ease of use, durability, strength and stability. Our rescue boards incorporate all of these elements into one board.

They have an EPS core, making them far stronger than their hollow equivalent. Multi-layer epoxy glassing will make sure that they will last for many, many years to come.

Fully customisable for your club or organisations needs and we ship internationally!