Freewell DJI Mavic Pro ND 8,16,CPL Filters

R 690

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The DJI Mavic filter Standard Day 3-pack from Freewell is designed for extremely convenient drone photography. This is a pack of 4 essential filters. These filters are designed to offer crystal clear and sharp images in sunny bright to low cloudy daytime lighting conditions.

The efficient ND filters are created to cut light falling on the sensor by 2X f-Stops while the CPL is ideal for reducing the unwanted glare from naturally reflective surfaces, such as water bodies or glass windows.


1 x ND8

1 x ND16

1 x CPL


The DJI Mavic filter Standard Day 4-pack from Freewell is the best choice for getting excellent video and photo experience on normal sunny days and cloudy overcast days. This is an advanced and effective solution for daytime drone photography.