Freewell DJI Mavic Air Drone ND 4/8/16 and CPL Filter (4 Pack) – Standard Pack

R 990


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Get ready to shoot stunning daylight aerial videos in all weather conditions with your DJI Mavic Air, with this set of ND/CPL Standard Day Lens Filters. The four drone camera lens filters included in this pack are ND4, ND8, ND16, and CPL. Each lens filter is crafted from optical glass and carefully coated with a total of 16 layers (8 on each side). This helps ensure minimal reflection from within the lens and also cuts back on glare, especially when taking landscape shots on sunny days.

The filters are easy to screw on, and are extremely lightweight to ensure they don’t interfere with the Mavic Air’s gimbal.

ND4 Filter
The ND4 filter for DJI Mavic Air reduces the amount of light entering the camera lens by two f-stops. It helps to slow down the shutter speed considerably and is ideal for use in cloudy daylight conditions.
ND8 Filter
The ND8 filter cuts light by three f-stops, helping you capture crystal-clear footage and images on partly cloudy days. This filter is also useful for preventing the ‘jello’ effect that is often seen when filming objects in motion, and for giving footage of objects in motion a natural blur.
ND16 Filter
The ND16 filter is effective for cutting the amount of light hitting the camera sensor by four f-stops. It helps to capture cinematic footage on normal sunny days.
CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) Filter
The CPL filter is designed to deliver sharp images when shooting outdoors in sunny conditions. The filter also helps prevent glare from naturally reflective surfaces such as snow, windows, and water.