Freewell CPL Filter for DJI Phantom 4 Pro (P4P)

R 490


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The new Freewell Circular Polarizer (CPL) 4K Series Filterfor Phantom 4 Pro helps remove unwanted reflections from reflective surfaces such as water or glass. It also enhances colour saturation and contrast by reducing glare from water, snow or clouds.

It will quickly fit the Phantom 4 Pro lens after unscrewing the stock UV filter.

Unlike the regular Phantom 4, the P4 Pro has a variable aperture lens, meaning ND filters are no longer essential for video use. So if you want just a CPL on its own, without ND filters, this is the ideal solution.


  • HD optical glass with Multilayer coating
  • Easy grip aluminum alloy filter ring construction
  • Rotatable ring to enable easy selection of polarising angle
  • Lightweight (6gm) with no effect on gimbal balance
  • 4K Series filters are specifically designed for professional quality 4K video and high resolution still images
  • Includes padded metal tin for secure storage


This high quality CPL will give you all the benefits of a well-constructed polarising filter to enhance both video and stills.