Drift Timelapse

R 390

Creating awesome time lapse videos and panoramic images has never been so easy. Attach your Drift and capture all of the action with the 360 degree rotating Drift Time Lapse

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The Drift Time Lapse allows you to capture photo timelapse sequences and is designed to rotate 360? in 60 minutes. Perfect for capturing all the action, whether up in the mountains or down on the beach. Attach your camera and get ready for awesome 360? panoramas with this impressive camera accessory. The Drift Time Lapse features a ?? tripod screw for attaching your Drift HD Ghost, or any other camera with a ?? receiver thread. A ?? receiver thread on the bottom of the Time Lapse enables you to mount the device itself. The maximum rotation is 360?, which takes an hour to complete. The Drift Time Lapse’s rotation works via a clockwork powered mechanism, essentially meaning you won’t have to worry about the Time Lapse’s battery life running out. Tip: Stack two Drift Innovation TimeLapses together and the rotating process will be quicker.

360? time-lapse rotation
60-minute rotation
Clockwork power mechanism (no charge necessary)
?? tripod screw for attaching your Drift HD Ghost, or any other compatible camera
?? receiver thread on the bottom for mounting the device itself