Drift Stealth 2 Lens Kit

R 495

Go big or go home they say. Make sure you’ve got the easy to use, and interchangeable Stealth 2 Lens Kit, for any necessary replacement scratched lenses (only compatible with Drift Stealth 2).

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Cracked or scratched lens? No problem! The Drift Stealth 2 Lens Replacement Kit is available to mend and replace your damaged camera lens. Despite its sturdy resistance to scratching and cracks, nothing is indestructible. So, ensure you’ve got your spare lens kit on rough off-road rides, gravel sliding rallies or long motorcycle tours. Including 2 Stealth 2 replacement lenses, this useful accessory will help you to keep your view clear in the future! The kit contains all the parts and tools you need to change the lens of your camera in a really easy and quick way. Replace the lens and fully retain the camera’s 300? rotation function and weather resistance.

Easy to use
Scratch-proof and valuable
No additional materials or tools required