Drift Ghost S Battery

R 390

Shoot all day and pick up a spare Ghost Battery. Boasting some of the longest battery life on the market today, these lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are compatible with both Drift Ghost camera models.

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The Drift Ghost Battery is the removable, rechargeable power source for your Drift Ghost action camera. Use as a spare and stay charged on the go. Lasting for 3 hours standard use, and 2 hours with Wi-Fi switched on, the Drift Ghost Battery provides some of the longest battery life on the market. The massive 1700 mAh Lithium-ion battery keeps you charged on all-day slope sessions, endurance motorsports, skate-park tear ups and more!

Charges your Drift camera for 3 hours standard, 2 hours with Wi-Fi
Rechargeable and removable ? use as a spare for 6 hours video recording time
Charge your spare battery with the Drift Ghost Cradle Charger